February 20, 2018

Shutters Hotel Luxury Suite Remodel

4th floor view of the beachProject Name: Shutters Hotel

Project location: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

The Shutters Hotel was a good chance for DunRite to really show our talents in luxury construction.

The suite that was remodeled was on the fourth floor of the beach side building. Some of the the many challenges we faced were getting the materials to the location ( the stairwells and elevators would not accommodate standard industry sizes of materials) and working with the elements associated with a fourth floor remodel on the beach. The end result was a luxury room on the fourth floor overlooking the ocean. The window was designed with features that help shed water away from problematic areas and was rated for hurricane force winds. The view from this room is spectacular and the overall project was one we are proud to have completed and utilized as a showcase for our abilities.

The owner of this hotel also owns the Dairy Queens in the Outer Banks area and chooses to use DunRite as his go-to contractor.